Corn and Bell Pepper “Love Bites”

Love is a celebration of lively colours and flavours; just like these adorable little ‘love bites’!

With visually-appealing yellow, red and green bell peppers, crunchy corn kernels and creamy cheese at its centre, it won’t be long before your Valentine fall in love with you all over again after a taste of these delectable ‘love bites’!



20160209_125728 20160209_125756 20160209_130828 20160209_131044

Prep Time: 15 min              Cooking Time: 25 min            Makes: 8 pcs


For the Base:
16 slice of bread
8 tsp butter
2 clove garlic (grated)
2 size of heart shape cutter

For the Stuffing:
1 1/4 teacup milk
2 tbsp Cornflour
1/2 tbsp butter
1 teacup corn (boil)
1/2 tea cup red bell pepper (finely chopped)
1/2 tea cup yellow bell pepper (finely chopped)
1 slice of bread (grind in mixture)
Salt and pepper to taste
25 + 75 gm of cheese
Tomato ketchup for garnish

Note: You will need heart shaped moulds/cutters of two different sizes


For the Base:

  1. Using the larger sized heart shaped cutter cut out the bread slice
  2. Take 8 of these heart shaped slice and using the smaller sized cutter cut out the middle part of the slice
  3. Mix the garlic and butter and spread it on the uncut heart shaped slice
  4. Top it with a slice that we cut in the middle
  5. Repeat the same with the remaining bread slice

For the stuffing:

  1. Boil 3/4 tea cup milk
  2. Mix 2 tbsp of Cornflour with 1/2 cup of milk
  3. Add the cornflour mixture & butter to the boiled milk and stir it continuously till it thickens
  4. Add the corn, bell peppers, 25 gm cheese and bread
  5. Season it with salt and pepper

How to proceed:

  1. Take one of the portion prepared as the base
  2. Fill it with spoonful of corn mixture
  3. Great some cheese on it
  4. Repeat with all the portions
  5. Bake it in the oven at 180* for 5 to 7 minute
  6. Garnish it with tomato ketchup

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