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No-Fry Rasam Vada

Is it possible to make something already healthy even healthier?

Yes there is!

By cooking this Tamil staple in the appam maker, my unique recipe makes this tangy delicacy high on taste and unbelievably low on calories! 

All the more reason to indulge…even on a diet!

Prep Time: 20 min + 4hours (to soak the dal)    Cooking Time: 40 min        Makes: 15 pcs

Ingredients of the Rasam:
1/4 tea cup tur dal
4 tomatoes
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp cumin coriander powder
Salt to taste

For the Rasam Paste:
3/4 teacup coriander with stem
12 clove garlic
20 black pepper
Piece of ginger (1″)
2 tsp cumin seed’

For Tempering:
2 tbsp oil
2 dry red chili ( I prefer Kashmiri )
1 tbsp urad dal. (split black gram)
1/2 tsp mustard seed
6 curry leaves
1/8 tsp asafoetida (hing)

For the Vada:
1 tea cup urad dal (soaked for 3 to 4 hours)
3 green chilli (finely chopped)
Salt to taste
Oil for shallow fry

Method for the Rasam:

  1. Cook the tur dal in the pressure cooker with one cup of water 
  2. Boil the tomatoes, make a pulp and strain it
  3. Add all the ingredients for the paste in a mixer and make a paste  (add little salt and lime so that the color doesn’t change)
  4. Heat the oil, add the mustard seeds, urad dal, dry red chilli, curry leaves and
    asafoetida (hing)
  5. When the mustard seeds start crackling and the urad dal turns brown, add the paste and sauté it for  a while, then add the tur dal and tomato pulp
  6. Add the dhania powder and turmeric  powder
  7. Add water to bring the rasam to your preferred consistency 
  8. Boil the rasam

Method for the Vada:

  1. Grind the urad dal
  2. Add salt and finely chopped chilli and mix well
  3. Heat the appam pan and grease all the moulds with little oil
  4. Add a spoonful of vada batter in all the moulds and let them fry on a slow flame (add little oil from side if required)
  5. When one side becomes golden brown flip it on other side and fry it until both sides have nice golden brown color
  6. Add these vadas to the rasam
  7. Serve hot

Note: You can add a little fruit salt to the batter, if the vadas aren’t soft (Generally you won’t need it)


Vegetable Layered Biryani

“Good things come to those who wait”

Not anymore!

Bid goodbye to slaving round the clock.

My vegetable biryani tastes just as delicious and looks just as sumptuous with flavourful layers of fine long-grained rice grains fragrant with whole spices, thick cooling minty-fresh curd and a masaledaar medley of choicest vegetables topped with crispy onions and roasted cashews atop a bed of rice.

To ensure you cook smart, not long!

 Prep Time: 20 min  + 90 min (to soak the rice)         Cooking Time: 40 min

1 1/4 tea cup of rice. (soaked for 1.5 hours)

For the Vegetables:
1 tea cup mix veg (potato, carrot, french beans, peas, and cauliflower) (par boiled)
2 tbsp ghee
3 tbsp curd
Salt to taste

For the Caramelized Onion:
3 onions
1 1/2 tbsp Cornflour
2 tbsp oil

Ingredients for Rice:
4 tbsp of ghee
1/2 tsp shajiru
3 cardamom
5 peppercorn
5 clove
3 stick cinnamon
1 tej patta  (bay leaf)
salt to taste

Ingredients for Vegetable Gravy Paste:
4 kashmiri chilli
2 green chilli
4 clove garlic
1 onion
1 small piece of ginger
2 cardamom
2  peppercorn
2 cloves
1 piece of cinnamon “1”
1 tsp coriander seed
1/2 tsp cumin seed
2 tbsp grated coconut ( optional)

8 to 10 cashew nuts (roasted  or fried)
2 tbsp coriander leaves
2 tbsp mint leaves
2 tbsp of curd
2 tbsp of milk
Few saffron thread boil with 2 tbsp of milk

Method for Rice:

  1. Heat the ghee
  2. Add all the spices and sauté it for a minute
  3. Add the rice without water and sauté it again for a minute
  4. Add approx 2 1/4 cup of water and cook the rice in a way that each grain is separate

Method for the Vegetables:

  1. Mix all ingredient for the paste and churn into paste with help of water
  2. Heat 2 tbsp of ghee
  3. Add the paste and sauté it for approx 5 minute
  4. Add the vegetables and mix well
  5. Add the curd and mix well

Method for Caramelized Onion:

  1. Cut the onion into thin strips and sprinkle corn flour on it
  2. Heat the oil on a non stick pan and sauté the onion until brown and crispy

Mix coriander leaves, mint leaves, curd, milk and saffron thread

How to Proceed:

  1. Divide the rice in two parts
  2. Take a microwave proof  bowl with a lid
  3. Take one part of rice and make the first layer
  4. Sprinkle half of the coriander, mint and saffron mixture on it
  5. Top it with the vegetables
  6. Make another layer of rice
  7. Sprinkle another half of coriander mixture on it
  8. Garnish it with caramelized onion and cashew nut
  9. Before serving microwave it for 5 to 7 minute with lid on


Dal Makhani

From top Indian restaurants to popular dhabas, this rich and indulgent dal’s smooth, velvety texture and smoky flavour has its fans salivating everywhere!

With generous dollops of heavy cream, you too can unlock the secret to achieving Dal Makhani perfection!


Prep Time: 15 min + 8 hours (for soaking the black urad and beans)      
Cooking Time: 50 min          

1 tea cup whole black urad
1/4 tea cup kidney beans (Rajma)
1 onion
3 clove garlic
1 big cardamom
1 bay leaf (tej patta)
2 tbsp ghee
3 tbsp butter
100 gms cream

1 tea cup tomato pulp (approx 4 large tomato) (chop the tomatoes and make a pulp in mixer)

1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp dhania  (coriander) powder
1/4 turmeric powde
1/2 tsp Garam masala  powder
2 tbsp coriander leaves
Salt to taste

For the Paste:
1 large onion
5 clove garlic
1″ piece ginger
4 green chilli
Churn the above ingredients to make a paste


  1. Soak whole black urad and kidney beans (Rajma ) for 6 to 8 hour.
  2. In a pressure cooker, cook the whole urad and kidney beans with 1 finely chopped onion,3 clove garlic (finely chopped), 1 big cardamom, 1 tej patta (bay leaf) with 2 1/2 tea cup of water. (4 to 5  whistle on a high flame and 10 to 15 minute on a low flame)
  3. Remove the tej patta and big cardamom
  4. Heat the ghee and add the onion, garlic, chilli, and ginger paste and sauté it for 5 minutes
  5. Add the tomato pulp and heat it again  for a while
  6. Add the chilli powder, dhania (coriander)  powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and salt
  7. Add boiled lentil and mix well
  8. Add the coriander leaves
  9. Boil it for 10 more minutes
  10. Add the butter and cream
  11. Serve it with jira rice or biriyani