Puran Poli

Puran Poli literally means “stuffed roti”.

With a generously stuffed lentil filling, this Maharashtrian sweetbread tastes best piping hot and smothered in desi ghee!

Though traditionally made as a festive treat, your family is bound to celebrate every time you decide to roll these out!

Prep Time: 30 min (soaking time)       Cooking Time: 30 min           Serves: 8 portions


For the stuffing
1 tea cup toover (arhar) dal (soaked for 30 min)
1 tea cup sugar
6 green cardamom (powdered)
1/4 tsp nut meg  powder

For the Roti
1 tea cup whole wheat flour+ flour for rolling
Ghee for smear


For the Stuffing

  1. Boil the tur dal and drain the dal water ( you can used it for dal soup. (osaman))
  2. The dal should be cooked such that all the grains are seperate. It should be neither overcooked nor undercooked
  3. Take a non stick pan or heavy bottom pan. Combine the sugar & dal  and cook until the mixture thickens, stir it continuously otherwise it will stick to the vessel.
  4. Add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder
  5. Divide it into 8 equal part

For the Roti

  1. Take whole wheat flour and make a soft dough with water
  2. Keep it aside for  20 to 30 minutes
  3. Take little oil in your palm  and knead the dough
  4. Divide it into 8 equal part

How to proceed

  1. Take one portion of the dough, flatten a little and put a tablespoon of dal mixture in the centre
  2. Cover the mixture by drawing up edges towards the centre
  3. Roll the roti with the help of little flour
  4. Heat the tava or skillet
  5. Put one roti on it and cook it for a minute and flip it
  6. The Roti is ready when light brown patches appear on both the sides
  7. Repeat it with the other portions
  8. Smear little ghee on each roti and serve hot


  1. You can add few saffron thread to stuffing
  2. Don’t add to much of nutmeg as it has very strong flavour

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