Fried Rasgulla with Vanilla Ice-cream and Caramelized Sauce

Ditch the nearest halwai this Rakhi and surprise your brother’s sweet-tooth by modernizing the humble Bengali Rosogulla served alongside creamy vanilla ice-cream and rich caramel sauce!

So that, this year, his memories of you only get sweeter!


Prep Time: 5 min   Cooking Time: 20 min 

Ingredients for the Caramel Sauce:

1/4 tea cup white sugar
1/4 tea cup brown sugar
1/4 tea cup butter
1/4 tea cup cream
1 tea spoon vanilla extract

Note: for a darker sauce instead of white sugar use brown sugar only

Other Ingredients:

2 Rasgullas
4 to 6 tbsp of cornflakes powder
1 tbsp corn flour
Ghee for deep fry
2 scoop vanilla ice cream


For the caramel sauce:

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the caramel sauce except the vanilla extract and boil it until the sugar dissolves and the sauce becomes little thick
  2. Add the vanilla extract and mix well

For the Fried Rasgulla:

  1. Press the Rasgulla and remove excess syrup from it
  2. Roll the Rasgulla into cornflour and cornflakes powder
  3. Dip it lightly in the syrup and roll again in cornflakes powder
  4. See that the rasgulla is fully cover with a thick layer of cornflake powder
  5. Deep fry
  6. Serve it with vanilla ice cream and garnish it with caramel sauce

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