Chocolate Pistachio Truffles

When Indian cuisine is making its presence felt on foreign shores why leave your Indian thali behind

Whether it’s your NRI friends or desi, these decadent chocolate truffles hiding the richness of traditional pistachio burfi are bound to have them eating out of your hands in no time!

Prep Time: 15 min       Cooking Time: 45 min


Chocolate Pistachio Truffles
Pistachio burfi ( Pistachio Burfi (Fudge) )
100 gm white chocolate
100 gm dark chocolate
Few chocolate sprinkles for garnishing


  1. Divide pistachio burfi into 10 equal part and make a ball
  2. Temper the White chocolate in a double boiler or microwave for 1 minute
  3. Hold one ball in the fork and cover it with tempered white chocolate
  4. Repeat it with the other balls
  5. Place it on butter paper for cooling
  6. When the white chocolate cools, temper dark chocolate and cover the white chocolate ball with dark chocolate
  7. Garnish it with chocolate sprinkles

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