Amiri Khaman

Gujratis are well-known for their love for food and their innovative ideas on how to re-use the leftovers to make delicious dishes… like this simple Amiri Khaman!

Here, steamed Khaman Dhoklas are crumbled, tempered further with garlic and mixed with freshly grated coconut and pomegranate seeds.

Finally topped with a generous heap of sev, this mouth-watering dish is a perfect tea-time snack or quick breakfast!

Prep Time: 3 hours + 15 min         Cooking Time: 20 min 


For the Dhokla:
1 1/2 tea cup besan
1 tbsp oil + oil for greasing
1/2 tsp fruit salt (eno)
1/4 tsp soda bicarb
4 1/2tsp chilli ginger paste
4 1/2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
Salt to taste

For Tempering:
1 tbsp oil
1/2 tsp mustard seed
1/2 tsp cumin seed
Pinch of asafoetida (Hing)
6 clove garlic finely chopped (optional)

Other ingredients:
1 tea cup pomegranates
3/4tea cup grated coconut
3/4 tea cup chopped coriander leaves
1/2 tea cup bhel sev for garnishing


For the Dhokla:

  1. Mix the besan with 1 1/2 tea cup of water and keep it aside for 2 to 3hours
  2. Add sugar, chilli ginger paste, and lemon juice and mix well
  3. Add eno, soda and oil, before mixing pour little hot water on it than mix well
  4. Take a thali, grease it with oil and pour the batter to make a thick layer spread across the whole thali
  5. Steam it for 15 to 20 minute
  6. To keep the dhokla moist sprinkle some water on it
  7. Let it cool for sometime and grind it in the mixer

For Tempering:

  1. Heat the oil, add mustard, cumin seed, asafoetida and garlic
  2. When it starts crackling, add it to the dhokla mixture
  3. Add pomegranate, coconut and coriander leaves
  4. Top it with sev before serving

Note: You can adjust the sugar and lime as per your taste


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